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Johnjay & Rich #LoveUp Foundation

The Johnjay & Rich #LoveUp Foundation was created to promote the #LoveUp Movement of spreading love and kindness.

We strive to be a force for positive change and impact the lives of children and adults in our community. It is our hope that all people in our community will be inspired by the #LoveUp Foundation to spread kindness and to positively impact children facing life in our foster care system. 

#LoveUp programs are funded by private and corporate donations, as well as the sale of #LoveUp Merchandise.

Why We #LoveUp for Foster Kids

Join Our Merch of the Month Club

We are excited to launch our Shirt of the Month Club soon—a subscription-based program where the #LoveUp team designs and launches a new shirt each month. Enter your information below to receive updates on our program launch and other exciting events & news.


Join our mission to support our most vulnerable children.

Join the #LoveUp Movement to support our community’s most vulnerable children.

Some of these foster children come with only the clothes on their back. Most of these kids have not lived what many of us would consider a “normal” life.

The #LoveUp Foundation strives to provide a sense of normalcy for these children by taking them to a ball game, throwing them a special Christmas party, inviting them to the State Fair, hosting them to a movie premier or just simply providing them the basic needs such as food, clothing and shoes.