Foster Care Events

Helping Foster Kids Feel Special

The #LoveUp Foundation hosts extra special experiences for children in foster care to create positive childhood memories.

Life for a child in the foster care system can feel scary and unsettling. Nothing seems normal anymore. The #LoveUp Foundation helps kids regain a sense of comfort in their new surroundings by providing special experiences that make childhood feel “normal” again.

Every month the #LoveUp Foundation hosts exclusive events for kids in foster case to bring them joy, wonder, assistance and education. We believe every child should know what it is like to go to a ballgame, visit a working farm, attend the State Fair, shop for a brand new pair of shoes, be a guest at a Christmas party or go to a movie on opening night.

#LoveUp also works closely with the Arizona Department of Child Safety to support their special events, with a strong focus on helping teens who are nearing age 18 and will soon be aging out of the foster care system.

In 2019, over 3,143 children in foster care were positively affected by the #LoveUp Foundation.

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