Johnjay VanEs, Kyle Unfug an Rich Berra

September 11, 2017

THE JOHNJAY AND RICH #LOVEUP FOUNDATION presented the AMERICAN RED CROSS with a check for $50,000 to benefit the hurricane relief effort. Last week, the duo invited listeners nationally to “love up” and purchase #LOVEUP T-shirts with all proceeds benefiting victims of recent hurricanes pounding the U.S. In just eight days, thousands of shirts were sold. The #LOVEUP FOUNDATION also contributed additional funds to achieve the $50,000 total donation.

“We couldn’t do this without the giving hearts and loyal followers of the #LOVEUP movement,” co-host RICH BERRA said.

“We know there are so many families who are displaced as a result of the hurricane devastation. Our hope is that this donation will at least help make a dent in the recovery process,” co-host JOHNJAY VAN ES said.

“While the #LOVEUP FOUNDATION focuses on helping children in our foster care system, we could not ignore the national tragedy of the hurricane devastation in TEXAS and now in FLORIDA and the EAST COAST. “We are very proud that between shirt sales last week and a generous #LOVEUP FOUNDATION donation, we are able to give $50k to the RED CROSS for hurricane relief,” #LOVEUP FOUNDATION Exec. Dir. KRISTIN HOWER said.

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About #LoveUp Foundation
#LoveUp is an accidental movement started by Johnjay Van Es, after auto correct changed his friend’s text from “love it” to “love up,” and the phenomenon was born. Started as a social media campaign to remind people to pay it forward and spread the love, The #LoveUp Foundation was then created as a nonprofit organization that primarily provides assistance to foster care programs. Sponsorships and proceeds from the sale of #LoveUp T-shirts raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the #LoveUp Foundation. Visit In 2015, #LoveUp Foundation was expanded to #LovePup Foundation, which raises funds and awareness for rescue dogs.

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